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related Transcribe! is designed from the ground up to be a tool to make the job of transcribing music easier, and to make the transcriptions created using it as a tool more accurate. Of course, there is no program in the world that can just listen to music, and then instantly produce sheet music. If we do ever get to that capability in our lifetime, though, I'm pretty sure there will be a version of Transcribe! that does it!

Transcribe! shows the sonic waveform of the song spread out over a timeline. You can select any section of the waveform and have Transcribe! loop that section over and over. You can then use your ears and your chosen instrument to figure out the notes you're hearing in that section. But Transcribe! is listening to that section, too...

Transcribe! shows the notes that it hears in your selected section as circles shown on a piano keyboard. You may see a bunch of notes for any one selected section of music; that's because Transcribe! hears not only the original notes, but also any harmonics present in the music. However, it ranks the notes according to how dominant they are in the mix by showing more prominent notes with larger circles than the lesser notes.

waveform and keyboard With this amazing feature, Transcribe! helps you determine the actual notes played in a passage of music. It also attempts to name the chords it hears. These features set Transcribe! head and shoulders above the competitors.

Transcribe! lets you mark the waveform representation of the song with beat markers, measure markers and section markers. This allows you to more readily find a point in the song that you need to analyze. The beat markers also help in figuring out the rhythm of a set of notes.

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