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Practicing Your Instrument with Transcribe!

How Transcribe! Can Help You Play Better

related Once you've learned the parts for a song, Transcribe! is also a very handy practice tool. When you learn a new piece of music, it's best to start out very slowly at first. At this point, you're programming the song into your own muscle memory. You want to engrain the right notes, not a bunch of mistakes, so it's important to play it as slowly as necessary to not make many, if any, mistakes.

Using Transcribe!, you can play back the whole song, or any selected piece of a song, as slow as 5% of its original speed. Once you've gotten a song or passage down perfectly at a slow speed, you can then bump up the speed a bit, and work on it till its perfected, then speed up a little more and so on. This is a time-tested method for learning that is usually done using a metronome. However, Transcribe! improves greatly on a metronome by actually playing back the music at slower speeds, and of course, all the while maintaining the original pitch.

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