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About Slow Down Music

Why Create This Website?

relatedThere are many software applications out there that can slow down music, and I've tried several of them. Overall, I have found the best one to be Transcribe! by far. One of the first differences I noticed with Transcribe! was the superior sound quality when you using it to slow down music. Many of the programs I tried started to produce unpleasant digital noise as they slowed down the music, making it difficult to focus on the notes I was trying to figure out. With Transcribe!, the sound quality is very good -- even at incredibly low speeds of 50%, 35% or even 25% of the original speed. And, of course, it does this without any change in the pitch as you slow it down. It really sounds like the original artist is simply playing the original song more slowly for you.

In the past, I worked as a professional freelance guitar transcriber, providing transcriptions to several of the major print music companies. I cannot tell you how much I wish I had a tool like Transcribe! back when I was doing that work. Nowadays, I only transcribe for myself, but this wonderful tool makes it much easier. Transcribe! makes it super simple to loop even very small sections of music, down to a single note if you need. You can mark sections of music visually, as well as individual beats to help determine specific rhythms. It has some great EQ features allowing you to eliminate vocals, focus on or eliminate bass parts, etc.

I know from my experience with Transcribe! that it can benefit virtually any musician. A free 30 day trial is available so you have nothing to lose. I will warn you, though: using Transcribe! can be addictive! I'll often load up a favorite song and run it though Transcribe's various tools just to hear how it's all put together.

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Who Created Transcribe!?

Transcribe! is a product of Seventh String Software. It was created by Andy Robinson, himself a musician. Andy is very responsive to users of Transcribe!. He moderates the Music Transcribers group on Yahoo, where he answers many questions about Transcribe!, and takes user suggestions for new features and enhancements. Andy typically provides free updates to Transcribe! users several times a year.

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