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Transcribe!will help you slow down music so you can learn it, practice it, and, of course, transcribe it.

Would you like an easy to use software tool that makes it easy to slow down music so you can really learn it?

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What is Transcribe!?

Transcribe!Transcribe! is a great software tool that lets you change the speed at which music is played without affecting the pitch. It allows you to do this while maintaining very good sound quality. But slowing music down is just one feature of the powerful Transcribe!

Transcribe! works on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux, making it the most flexible transcribing software around. It not only allows you to work with audio files ( wav, aiff, mp3, aac, m4a, ogg, flac, etc.), but allows you to slow down video playback, too.

Transcribe! allows you to easily control start and stop points for playback, allowing you to isolate any section of music, looping it back over again and again while you zero in on what's been played.

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